Vitamined Beauty

I am happy to open up our universe to you a little more by making you discover the power of juices.
It is important to clean your skin well and take care of it with the right products, but this approach to micronutrition has incredible power to transform our skin from the inside out. These micronutrients naturally come to enhance your beauty rituals every day.

Beyond improving our overall health, juices are abundant supplies of micronutrients that are deeply regenerating for our skin. For 7 years now, I have introduced juices into my daily diet and I am still amazed by the effects on my skin.

The more you incorporate the juices into your daily life and in quantity, the greater the effects will be. Listen to your needs.

In this workshop, we are discussing the juice to help you bring more juice into your life. 

With love 💕

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I am beyond excited to share these treasures with you.

Avec Amour,

Rose - Founder of Luxcey