This is an ancient ritual that has been practiced since the dawn of time. The steam bath is a moment full of softness and calm that I savor almost every evening, especially in Summer. This ritual marks the end of the day, and allows to embrace the comforts of evenings at home.


1) I boil some water and my ritual bowl is ready to welcome me with some soothing plants, flowers, and cereals.

2) I cleanse and massage my skin with Eden, then use a water-based cleanser. Then I apply Annie to gently exfoliate.

3) With Annie still on my skin, I immediately go over the steam bath with my towel to cover my head, as the Bassa'a women and many others around the world have done since the dawn of time.

Do the ritual closer to the bowl for normal skin that needs more hydration or decongestion. 

Do the ritual from a distance for sensitive skin (wait until the water is less hot). 


4) Take 5 to 8 minutes with your face over the steam bath and take breaks as needed.

5) When I get out of my steam bath, I do not rinse the skin. I actually use this hydration to add a pump of Marcel and 2 to 4 drops of Morphée (regulation) or Leo (nutrition) according to the needs of my skin.


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Enjoy your steam baths.

With love,


I am beyond excited to share these treasures with you.

Avec Amour,

Rose - Founder of Luxcey