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Massage Course Launch Fall21

Massage Workshop Fall 2021


Massage Workshop Fall 2021

  • Can massage create wrinkles?

  • Will these massage rituals work even if my skin is sensitive?

  • Is there a risk of my hands contaminating my skin and causing pimples to appear?

  • From which school do you draw inspiration to transmit this knowledge about massage?

  • What are the advantages of Central African massages?

  • Is it only a facial course?

  • I am confused by the different prices that have been quoted. In the end, how much does it cost to access the training?

  • I want to register for the course but I wanted to know how long the video clips will be available?

  • I won't have time to attend the class. Will I be able to watch it offline?

  • I am an aesthetician/massage therapist and I want to take this course to better massage my clients. Is it suitable?

  • What is the difference between this course and what I already have access to on your social networks?

  • I have very sensitive skin. Can I do this course?