This type of skin is constantly dry, with a dull complexion especially in winter and losing elasticity. In addition to massaging, gentle exfoliation, rich and nutritious hydration, and high performance sun protection will be essential to deeply regenerate it and restore vitality.

 Morning Ritual:

  • Simple massage and oil cleansing (small amount and firm massage)
  • Rich hydration with Marcel and Stella
  • Nutrition with Léo
  • Sun protection (reapply several times a day)

Evening Ritual:

  • Oil cleansing to remove traces of makeup, sunscreen, dust and pollution
  • If there is no known allergy to honey, second cleansing with unpasteurized buckwheat or fall honey (size of a pea, light massage)
  • Exfoliation with Annie applied with a cotton and left to act for 30 minutes without rinsing
  • Mask (if needed)
  • Rich hydration with Marcel and Stella
  • Nutrition with Morphée


 LUXCEY Rituals: