These skins are delicate by their slightly inflammatory nature, and simple at the same time because minimalist gestures really allow them to be soothed. This type of skin can produce a bit more sebum in the summer and experience more dryness or sensitivity in the winter. People who have this type of skin sometimes hesitate to hydrate it properly, or do so with very occlusive and / or cytotoxic products that amplify inflammation.

This type of skin can particularly appreciate the gentler exfoliation methods, without abrasive grains to support it in its regeneration and regulation on a daily basis.

Gentle cleansing, complete (AHA / BHA / PHA) and gentle exfoliation, the use of soothing and regenerating botanical active ingredients, balanced hydration as well as high sun protection will be essential.

Once again, you should check with your healthcare professional that rosacea or rosacea conditions do not require specific treatments before using our products, with his/her approval.

 Morning Ritual:

  • If there is no known honey allergy, you can perform a buckwheat or fall honey cleanse (size of a bean, light massage)
  • Moderate hydration with Marcel 
  • Nutrition with Léo
  • Sun protection (reapply at least 1 more time per day)

Evening Ritual:

  • Oil cleansing to remove traces of makeup, sunscreen, dust and pollution
  • Second cleansing with a water-based cleanser, combined with honey in winter
  • Exfoliation with Annie applied with a cotton and left to act for 20 to 30 minutes without rinsing
  • Mask (if needed)
  • Moderate hydration with Marcel or Stella
  • Nutrition with Léo

 LUXCEY Rituals: