Sensitivity, marked dehydration in the cheeks and targeted congestion in the T zone are typical of these skins and sometimes make them difficult to understand. Because indeed, the cheeks can be prone to a lot of dehydration and redness depending on the skin color. These skin types also have the particularity of showing signs of premature aging, especially since aggressive blemish regulation strategies can dehydrate them even more. They require avoiding aggressive cleaning methods and hydrating in order to restore balance without suffocating them.

So, deep but gentle cleansing, complete exfoliation (AHA / BHA / PHA), the use of soothing and regenerating botanical active ingredients, balanced hydration, protection against the sun are necessary.

It is important here to check with your healthcare professional that rosacea or rosacea conditions do not require specific treatments before using our products, with his/her approval.

Morning Ritual

  • Cleansing with a water-based cleanser or with Jacob
  • Light hydration with Stella
  • Regulation with Morphée or Léo
  • Sun protection specific to combination to oily skin (reapply at least once a day in summer)

Evening Ritual

  • Oil cleansing with Eden to remove traces of makeup, sunscreen, dust and pollution
  • Second cleansing with a water-based cleanser or with Jacob
  • As needed, targeted exfoliation of imperfection or the entire face with Annie applied with a cotton and left to act for 30 minutes without rinsing
  • Hydration preferably with Stella
  • Regulation with Morphée


LUXCEY Rituals