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Luxcey Bar

Right from the beginning of LUXCEY, Rose has imagined a unique sensorial space that highlights the actions of touching, feeling and massaging, so that each person can appropriate Luxcey in her/his own way. 

This space allows you to live different experiences: customized treatments, beauty brunches and personalized advice before buying  the products you need.

The Ritual Bar was designed in an exceptional setting that combines simplicity, vegetation and light, evoking the abundance of the equatorial forest of the youth of our founder. This abundance is synonymous with regeneration and well-being.

from the heart of africa

ancestral massages

For its soothing, relaxing and regenerative virtues, massages are at the heart of the LUXCEY rituals. 

To bring the essential gestures inspired by the traditional ways of Central Africa to the daily lives of women, even at a very young age is important for Rose. In Africa, women massage children from birth. Later, the healers and the matrons take over as needed. 

From adolescence, women teach the young to hydrate their whole body and face with a firm massage gesture. It is a natural ritual applied from head to toe, ensuring general relaxation as well as radiance and firmness to the skin.

Gastronomy & Beauty

Beauty brunch

Beauty brunches are an invitation to experiment with simple, sensory, effective treatments and relaxations to achieve a radiant, hydrated, protected skin. The experience is lived in small groups, around a gourmet brunch that combines generosity and exquisite discoveries.

We have worked with different chefs to offer a 360 experience where taste, touch, smell and sight are stimulated in harmony to live a unique moment.

Create your own event

Bachelorate, Birthday, Baby Shower, Corporate activity...

Contact us and we will build a event based on your need at our ritual bar or anywere in the world.