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Article: Massage Rituals

Massage Rituals

Massage Rituals

Many of you know us for our approach to beauty which includes rituals, especially massage.

When we started to share rituals, many persons told me about the unprecedented nature of the power of touch over them.

Some even told me how touching had reconciled them to themselves, day after day. The power of touch is simple and magical at the same time ✨

I am so happy that this is still the heart of our message: sharing rituals, inspiring you to reconnect to yourself without compromise with the power of the touch and to take care of yourself above all.

I inherited massage from women in my family and they have become integrated reflexes in my evening rituals 🌙

I wanted to share with you some of them, to contribute to your relaxation. Once you try them in softer light and silence, I am sure that you will love them as much as I do.


Click on the icon to watch the massage ✨

The scalp massage which brings relaxation in times of worry and which also helps to prepare for sleeping. Soothing and rest are essential for beautiful skin and more ✨

So embracing scalp massage is a beautiful ritual to explore.

After giving birth, I found that the massage was also a great tool to stimulate hair regrowth, especially in the most fragile areas. Enjoy this ritual as much as you need 💕

Beautiful music by @valerie_lahaie from @espacepianoblanc


No tension will resist this infinitely relaxing ritual which can contribute to more peaceful nights, or to reduce the persistent tensions on this part of the face 💫 These gestures are gentle, slow but deep and require enough concentration to be done while being mindful of the structures to relax.
This massage was performed during an oil cleanse using Eden.

Beautiful music by @valerie_lahaie from @espacepianoblanc


Here we gently and slowly stretch shoulders, neck, arms, hands, décolleté, legs and feet.
In winter especially this massage before sleep helps to:
- warm up the cold ends,
- relax and prepare for rest,
- bring calm and appeasement.
This massage was done with our Smoothing Body Oil Zoé.

Beautiful music by @valerie_lahaie from @espacepianoblanc 


I realize this one every night during my oil cleansing ritual using Eden.
Sometimes, I also do it during the nutrition stage with a serum with oils and fat-soluble active ingredients such as Léo or Morphée depending on my skin's needs.


I didn't resist the idea of having one of these firming (tightening) massages filmed in the heart of our beautiful winter ❄️
This type of massage requires to keep the hands as flat as possible, to exert a firm pressure and to pick up the skin towards the forehead, temples and neck while relaxing the muscles.
These movements must be fairly precise, slow and deep. Like all massages, the ideal is to perform this one in mindfulness even if you only have 2 minutes for it 🤗
The lifting gestures of this massage make it a draining, sculpting and firming ritual on the aesthetic level and uplifting on the spiritual level. Enjoy ✨🦋✨
Beautiful music by @valerie_lahaie 😍


I want to share with you here a firming belly massage that is typical of what many Central African women do as a postpartum or when losing a lot of weight.
This massage has been practiced since the dawn of time, with variables and different characteristics specific to each ethnic group and sometimes even, varying according to the families.
But overall it is a vigorous massage performed with your hands positioned horizontally on your belly, starting 2 weeks after childbirth for at least 1 year for just a few minutes a day. It is sometimes made with oil, heated banana leaves, ashes, or very hot water.

In the West, physiotherapists recommend starting this type of massage at least 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth. So I encourage you to get closer to your healthcare professional to do what's best for you.

My belly has changed since I gave birth.
I trusted this ritual. I used my hands, flat on my belly, every day, our Smoothing Body Oil Zoé, and 2 minutes of my time between August 2019 and October 2020 to naturally firm my belly, my skin. My body has changed and I have embraced this change with patience, kindness, care, and love.

I hope that sharing this ritual inspires you to regain a little more sovereignty over the care you give yourself throughout life 🤗


This is not an African massage, but it is performed as women massage their bodies in Central Africa with flat hands and firm, vigorous pressure.
However, it has 5 typical stages of lymphatic drainage that European beauticians and many massage therapists know:
1. Effleurage
2. Kneading
3. Pinches
4. Percussions
5. Pull and roll move is the most uncomfortable and even painful for fibrous cellulite. The aqueous and fatty cellulite often handle it better.
I’ve done this massage every day since giving birth and have used my flat hands, our Smoothing Body Oil Zoé, and 2 to 3 minutes of my time.
This massage will help firm the skin whether you are gaining or losing weight as well.

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