The beauty of my dreams is here

I have dreamed so much to be able to share this beauty with you.

With Luxcey, I want to contribute to show you an imagery of beauty that embodies serenity, love and simplicity. This is the imagery I want to see my son grow up with, and everyone else. This is the imagery I want to see more fulfilled people with.

I want it to touch to people like me who have turned their backs on the illusions and fantasies of an industry teeming with creativity and predatory tactics when it comes to making use of our insecurities.

I want to show you skin. I want to show you the richness of its colors, its textures, its variations. I will do my best to ensure that she is bathed in the magic of sunlight as often as possible.

I want this imagery to nourish us every day and as much as possible for the renewal of beauty.

Today we wanted to share with you two examples of photo series made with two talented photographers. They both accepted to work with natural sunlight, with soft layering, light makeup, subtle and minimal retouching.

Not only did they understand what I wanted to share with you, but they sublimated my will, each in their own way.

Rose by Liana Carbone
Photos by Liana Carbone
Styling (Rose) by Kasia Kaluenty

Rose By Sarah
Photos by Sarah-Émily St-Gelais
Makeup by Anissa Zabala

Sharing this imagery resonates with our approach to skincare: natural, serene, simple. We want to sublimate your skin with our simple and functional care and rituals.

That way, we want to build an alternative to Wall Street Beauty which diffuses trends, imagery always more false than the other, reaching unrealistic goals and sometimes predatory for our health and our well-being.

We hope that exposing yourself to more natural imagery in beauty, will quench your thirst for authenticity and serenity.

With love,


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